The process of tiling of a Persian carpet is a complex one, requiring years of practice to place decorative ornaments in such a manner that appear clearly after weaving while retaining their aesthetic aspects.
Once this is added to the symmetrical composition Persian carpets are renowned for, as well as alterations based on the type of thread used, designers spend rigorous effort placing these tiles to create the final design.
Having admired the detailing of this traditional form of art, I sought to combine basic painting with ornamentation of floral elements to design this artwork.
It was achieved in several basic steps, from tiling to printing and finally coloring, allowing these elements to form and create their own flow, and learning a great deal in the process​​​​​​​.
The final artwork is painted with acrylic on canvas paper, and it's in 82X115cm dimensions.
Initial ornamentation and tiling
Composition and printing
Final artwork
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